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NIGHT CHANGES mv ahhh I can't

Sabtu, 22 November 2014 @ 4:50 PTG | 1 Cun[s]

Hello directioners ~
Malam semalam bak kata omputih have u done your date ay ? Hehe 'date' dgn One direction lah. I was like argh sumpah best gila . Yeaa aku bukannya directioner sangat pun . But I love their music :D. First time 'jatuh cinta' lagu what makes u beautiful XD.

Night Changes From One Direction - Four Album XD
                      *Heyy heyy date dgn Zayn Malik semalam XD .*
Night Changes MV on Youtube Vevo
Even when the night changes  ,It will never change me and you
 Aih aih jangan blushing sangat lah . Hehe .

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