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Rabu, 23 April 2014 @ 4:05 PTG | 0 Cun[s]

Assalammualaikum . Yeah sejak akhir akhir ni aku ter-addicted dengan lagu Bts-just one day . Hoho memang dah fallen in love dengan lagu ni sejak dari music bank . Showcase comeback lagu dia haritu . Then semalam gi ah usha lagu ni dekat youtube . View lagu tu dah cecah 1 juta sehh . Fehh , bapak ah . Baru berape minggu kut ?

haa agak agak nak usha dok lirik / maksud diaaa ? Check ke bawah sehh .

Yeah.. just one day.One night.That’s all I ever wanted
If I’m given a day,I want to be intoxicated in your sweet scent as I fall asleep.If I have time in between my tight schedules,I want to immerse myself in your warm eyes.I like that, your long straight hairWhen you tie it up as it falls down your neckline.Anywhere we’d go your waist would be my handbag, you’re my honeyWhenever I see you I can’t breathe, like the crowded streets of Myeongdong.Our BGM (t/n: background music) is our breathing.When you call out my name, I’m captivated by your voice.I want to know you better.Like an explorer exploring the unknown forest.You’re like a masterpiece that I want to reflect on,because your presence is art.This is what I imagine every night,it doesn’t matter because it’s a senseless dream anyway.
If that were to happen, how great would it be?To go eat anywhere and watch a movie.I would do anything to do that.girl I’m sorry, I must be too rational.But still give me a smile if you see me.You might resent me a little or even a lot.I know. I neglected you because of my dream.Then give me just one day, even if it’s in a dream.I used the facts as excuses, swallowing the many words I said but let me make up to you.That’s right, I met you when the flowers blossomedbut broke up as soon they withered.I knew you couldn’t be easily forgotten,but would I be selfish if I wished you were the one that could?I lie to myself saying that it’s for the best.You’re still in the center of my heart.
Haa sikit saje aku ambil .kalau panjang panjang karang jadi blog lirik pulakk . Hehe btw credits to encik google kerana telah menemukan saya dengan lirik ni . Hoho bukan nak share saje sebab nak tahu jugak maksud ape . Yelah lagu korean or english pun kita kena ushaa . Taklah sesat , iye dok ? .

Lagi satu , memang aku suka group bts ni pun . Sebab ape ? Ye lah lagu dia ohsemm dan diaorang tak sandarkan kepada rupa saje . Semalam adik aku cakap yang tak mustahil lah bts mampu kalahkan exo yang super letop tu . Hoho adik aku ni sebenarnya minat exo jugak tapi entahlah dia . Hekk .

Yes you stop torturing my heart . Hoho . Peacexxx .

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